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What does this do?

This project allows one to quickly generate a SourceForge Banner that can be used to promote ones projects. Maybe even a t-shirt transparency can be made from the banner? The fundamental graphics used in the banner were plagiarized from the SourceForge site. When I first thought about this project I knew nothing about JavaScript or PHP, now I know a little - it was interesting, fun, and a great learning experience. Enjoy!
Compatible with:
     Netscape (tested on v4.75, 4.76)
     Mozilla (tested on v0.7)
     Internet Explorer (tested on v5.00)

Not (yet) compatible with:
     and others...

Generate a banner...
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The Source
You don't need to download the source to generate a banner, just click here. If you want to fix something (much appreciated), or just get a since of control from having the source on hand (as I do), you can download the source code from the sfbanner project page.

What needs to be done?/Help Wanted!
Changes required to support other browsers (such as Konqueror).

A way to specify horizontal/vertical banner generation. This will allow users to print the banner without having to change to landscape or save the image and then rotate it if the image is larger than the horizontal printing area.

A way to scale the banner without losing image clarity.